Roof repair vs. Replacement – What is the best option for your roof?

The season to do up your roof is up – and just like everyone else, even you must be scrambling to check if your roof can sustain another bout of rain and snow. Looking out for defects in your roof and fixing them right away is essential – the primary job of a roof is to protect you and your home from all kinds of weather, so why not make sure it's perfect? But most of the times, we face a dilemma – should I repair the roof or is the condition of my roof so bad that it requires a complete overhaul? Well, we'll tell you when you can manage with just repairs and when you have to go in for total replacement – read on: Repairs: We've listed a few instances when you can quickly head for repairs rather than replacing the entire roof. Save your time, effort and money and head in for repairs rather than replacement under the following circumstances: Roof repair

  1. Most of the roofs have a minimum life of at least ten years. And even though the material with which you've made the roof may vary, a minimum ten years applies to any kind of roof. But of course, we cannot deny the possibility of a roof falling off under unpredictable circumstances such as rough and harsh weather. If your roof is exposed to such tough conditions regularly, over a period of time, then you need to know that just repairing the top of your roof will be fine. Because in such cases generally, the inside of the roof is perfect – just the outside is damaged. Repairs should work just fine.
  2. In case of minor dents or scrapes, where just the overall look of your roof has got spoilt, head in for repairs. A touch of repairs and your roof will look just as new as ever!
  1. If your roof is old – that is, it has gone past its life, replace it right away.
  2. Irreparable damage due to extreme weather conditions
  3. Leakage through the roof – at such times, don't hesitate to replace your roof as there are possibilities of the roof caving in.
Roof replacement Whether it's the repairs or maintenance, you need to choose the right company – after all, you're handing one of the most critical aspects of your home to them. Find a trustworthy and reliable company with an excellent reputation.